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Highly Skilled And Professional
Photographer In Lahore

We are not only professionally driven photographers we are passionately into it. Clicking pictures is like breathing for us, and our utter dedication to it acts as a driving force for our clients. It motivates us to break the walls with freshly brewed click tricks. Our years of involvement and expertise have helped us to forge an image as the best photographer in Lahore.  We aimed at saving your photographs and video films from monotony and for this; we come up with the latest ideas crafted by our creative team. We want to set a standard in this niche of photography and videography and especially when it comes to pre-wedding shoots, corporate shoots, storytelling films, and other genres. From realistic to deliberately crafted, we render uniqueness to every picture we click and for this, we put our heart and soul into it.

We try to fulfill the evergreen adage “when our heart forces us to do anything it results in the best outcome”.  When it comes to wedding photography we love to capture the essence of love flawlessly, our top wedding photographers instill lives to snaps to let them utter their love stories. An event as huge as a wedding requires attention to detailing; our team of wedding photographer pays attention to every minute detailing to let it express its wonder, especially if it is a destination wedding, things are newer and requires attention. Clicking heart throbbing snaps is not an easy task, it requires patience and especially when it comes to fashion photography. Our team of a fashion photographer in Lahore does the same; from intricate to Hawkeye clicks they can perform it all at their best. Let your progeny feel your love just by taking a glance at your wedding pictures.

Topnotch wedding photographers in Dubai

Wedding photography is a special photography because it is a one-off event of a couple’s life. Whatever occurs during the wedding is unrepeatable so it becomes more so important that the events are recorded in one shot. Event of such magnitude should be covered only by top wedding photographers Dubai with lots of experience or you may miss some of the crucial parts of the wedding.  Experienced photographers will know what to cover and what to leave out and accordingly choose segments. They will be there at the right moment and capture everything in the most sophisticated camera equipment to get the final outcome.

How to choose the top notch wedding photographer in Dubai?

  • Choosing the photographer for your Dubai wedding should be left to his past work, because it is the true testimony of his/her talent and skills. Only the past achievements can show you how good the photographer is. You can view some of the past footage and also refer to his past clients to hear their opinions. People from your locality who has engaged the Top wedding photographers Dubai is the best witness because they will provide first hand information from their experience.
  • If you are not satisfied with the local photographers who have made wedding videos for your neighbors you can launch into the internet to find others. Most of these wedding photographers can be found on the internet as they have shops there and you will be able to find portfolios of their wedding photography. Viewing those wedding portfolios will give you the clue.
  • You can find their addresses and make a visit to each one of them. After interviewing them you can compare their work and choose accordingly. Visiting the office of the wedding photographer will reveal more about his work, equipment, infrastructure, backup help and relevant accessories. Quality of the camera equipment will tell you that he has the knowhow and the requirement and accordingly has bought the equipment. If he is a professional it will reflect on the makeup of his studio and his demeanor.
  • You should also check whether the photographer is willing to travel to far destinations, if you are conducting a location wedding. Some photographers refuse to travel as they have not done before and may not be able to do justice to the event.
  • Finally compare the prices of the photographers and also the delivery mode of the wedding photos. Include everything in the package so you don’t have to pay any additional charges.

This way you will be able to find the right wedding photographer in Dubai and get still photos that are of exemplary quality.

A photographer is an important individual, who is also a professional and the one that records history. Historians wrote history of great events and great people while the photographer of contemporary records current events that take place in community and business circle. While hiring a photographer in Lahore you should look for the following before finalizing him/her to record your event.

Office & Equipment

Look for the photographer’s office and visit if possible because it will reveal more than you think it would. You may find camera and other photography equipment there and by their looks and make you will know whether the photographer has the infrastructure needed for a professional photographer. If he has a permanent office it would also indicate that he is established and will accomplish tasks with guarantee.


If it is a fashion photographer in Lahore, then you could ask for the portfolio I am sure he would like to show it to impress you. By browsing through the fashion photographs you will know his quality and poise, whether he is made for fashion photography or not. If he is famous then you would see his work in different media and conclude your decision.


The photographer you engage is for your wedding or a social even then you may consider his etiquette. Photographers who are able to communicate fluently with large crowd are most suitable for the above occasions. a seasoned wedding photographer will visit the venue, couple’s home  and meet concerned people for familiarizing. He will also take photographs of the couple in their home surrounding pre-nuptials. If it is a corporate do it is important that behaves courteously before the guests and not antagonize them with unnecessary interventions


The photographer must be well versed with the culture and practice of the client. Weddings, birthday parties, religious congregation and community events are interlaced with culture and ethnic practices. Weddings lead the pack in observing religious ceremonies and practices in conventional weddings. The photographer must always be ready to photograph those important moments so they can be recalled by the wedding couple and party.


The photographer must have help in the form of a second photographer and assistants who would help with the lighting. He should also have extra cameras, extra battery pack and lighting equipment in case of first line of equipment failure.

It is always wise and safe to employ only the best professionals because they are less likely to bungle photo shoots and ready with a second line of action in case of failures.

About The Founder
Photographer | Cinematographer | Photo & Video Editor

Mani Abdul Rehman is Pakistan base Photographer who is catering for national & internationaly , He creative & Energetic Professional and his works speaks itself . Mani Films & Photography has talented male & female crew .


We are a creative film and photo production company hungry for quality in aesthetics. To create modern recognizable stuff we are working with a strong network of experienced professionals. We set up teams to shape your identity, push your idea and manage the workflow from pre- to post-production.


If you or your organization have a story to tell, an idea to share or word to spread,

our team can help you bring it to life.

What Others Say About Us

Mani is undoubtedly a talented photographer who goes into the deep detail.recently i have done the whole series of traditional bridal look shoots with him and everytime i saw the result, it left me speechless.very happy with his work.wish you success in life.

Shaziaa Mua

One of the best photo shoots I've had! Mani has an eye for detail and is extremely creative. Cant wait to work with you on more projects. Keep up the great work

Sanna Monga

The best photographer i ever came across. Recently got my portfolio shoot done and highly satisfied with the work..Thanks Sady for suggesting me and i got opportunity to work with Mani, Love the work keep it up

NeHa Bulchandani

Mani is a brilliant photographer. you would fall in love with yourself after seeing his images. his pictures have that oomph factor that makes them stand out in the market. i would strongly recommend everyone to get their portfolios or their special moments captured from his lens! he fills life into the photographs! thank you mani for the amazing shots! it has truly been a pleasure working with you and im sure it will always be in future too! 5 stars for his work!

Rumi Munawar

Very talented and professional,one of the best photographers i ever work with,i was really amazed with the results of my last shoot with mani,ill definetly consider it one the best shoots i ever had and the pictures are one of the best on my portfolio! Hope to work with you again soon mani,till then i wish you the best of luck!

Şeyma MB

He & his team to tend to be so professional...they can literal go out of the way to make sure everything is done appropriately and perfectly..... i recent had to go thru lots of mishaps at my wedding bt the way they managed everything so smoothly that it gave me such relief... mani bhai this is not for thr rating...these words are straight from my heart.. may Allah give u lots of success in this life and hereafter.... Ameen!!

Asma Muhammad
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